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The energies in the atmosphere surrounding us at the moment are making us aware of the contradictions existing globally as changes continue in all walks of life. Paradoxically what we do not enjoy often turns out to be beneficial in the end, and when we enjoy something too much, we can find ourselves disappointed.

PARADOX is more than a word. We usually become aware of ‘paradox’ once we have understood the limitlessness of Free Choice. By that I mean Free Choice is not without its limits when we are working within the sacred geometry of the cosmic laws! All we think and act upon has an effect that will affect a person or a situation somewhere eventually.

As we become aware of the effect we have on others, the more we find ourselves understanding how we are connected to all living things.

Paradox therefore is the next level of understanding the immeasurable perfection of Sacred Geometry. What is above Earth in space can be found in the tiniest particle elsewhere. It can be seen in minute symmetry, as a replica of the larger patterns within the Universe.

  • Enjoy each moment for it can never come again.
  • Avoid forcing yourself to do a task that feels wrong for you to undertake.
  • Remember it may be unpleasant experiencing


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Founded by Pauline Turner, ISoA could not possibly exist without the support of an enormous number of people who use their seventh sense, rather like a beehive cannot continue to work without the bees. What is the Seventh Sense? ISoA names the gut reaction (that ‘knowing’ which is a certainty that cannot be explained).

Thoughts for the next five weeks

Sometimes we do not want to read long messages of thought provoking ideas where we just read and say “That’s good” or “I know that” and then do nothing about it. So this time I am including just 3-4 lines to consider and act on taking only one of them each week for the next five weeks.

  • We need to breathe to live
    No-one can breathe for us
    Take time to breathe in everything that is good for "I Am" of you breathing out everything that is not good for you.
  • Looking for something that did not start with a thought?
    Tell me if you find it!
    Otherwise I am going to have to go on being responsible for my own thoughts!
  • This moment is the only moment we have
    This moment is contributing to the quality of our future
    precious moment this moment is!
  • Live and let live is just another way of saying "Live in the Universal Law of Free Choice". The reason we do not usually want to hear or act on that suggestion is because it means we have to take responsibility for our own actions.
  • So many times we see the sun's shadow cross the moon which is only a reflection of the sun
    Occasionally we see the moon's shadow cross the sun and the light from both is lost.
    As you shine beware the light you emit is not shadowed by your own lack of confidence for then your light is lost and what should have been light around you, is shadow.


Unseen Universal Energy Vibrations

Paradox - I have been told it is easier to understand what is happening if you can have some form of illustration or image. For the last years and particularly the last few months, we have been faced with situations to help us to understand and overcome "The Law of Paradox" - or to be more accurate to understand and work with the Law of Paradox rather than fight it.

Again one of the many statements I am told is "That is so true but it is easier to say than do!" This is also a part of the Law of Paradox.

Going back to the Law of Free Choice, the time to say no is when asked. If you say yes then you have made a contract which means we then have a commitment to complete that contract. Therefore whenever we say yes, we need to add a time scale to it.

Our soul is in our keeping and we are responsible for it, as well as the body in which it is housed. It is the only part of us that will not go away, and will be with us when we leave earth. This means that all agreements do have a limit of earth time for one reason or another.

  • One or other of the people in the agreement passes on
  • Ssomeone changes the "rules"
  • One person grows but the other does not want to follow
  • Circumstances change such as in earning a living, family, home, etc

The Law of Paradox kicks in when we refuse to accept there has been a completion, or that the time you have been working towards something has at last arrived.


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