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Peace can feel a long way away but if we think of the oyster and the beautiful pearls it creates, each one exists because of the friction from a grain of sand.

People are like the natural pearls harvested from the sea.   They are not all perfect, polished and round, but come in irregular shapes. However irregular the shape may be, it is still a thing of beauty. So it is with a human being.

We may have preconceived ideas of what something should be. The majority of people know they should have harmony, love and sufficient needs to be without stress. When that does not happen, it can cause us to be irritated and angry. However, we can look at this irritation as a grain of sand which may be causing friction but ultimately produces an even more beautiful person with a stronger awareness of the universal loving truth that is in all things, and an increase in our own inner peace.


The International School of Awareness is committed to finding ways for people to gain inner peace.

ISoA believes world peace is possible, but that it has to start within every living thing.

A person who can find their own inner peace, spreads that peace into the atmosphere wherever they are.

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Founded by Pauline Turner, ISoA could not possibly exist without the support of an enormous number of people who use their seventh sense, rather like a beehive cannot continue to work without the bees. What is the Seventh Sense? ISoA names the gut reaction (that ‘knowing’ which is a certainty that cannot be explained).

for yourself and trust what you hear

With so much going in our ears and through our eyes, we sometimes forget to use our other three senses – smell, taste, and touch.

Our hearing and sight is being bombarded with noise and flashing lights.  Most of this comes from the ease with which we can use present day technology, - television, telephones, computers, I-pads, smart phones, etcetera.   Even if we are not using any appliance, there seems to be constant movement and noise which is being absorbed as it comes to us in a subconscious manner.
It is so easy to multi-task, these days as all the equipment we can use (if we choose) makes it effortless to do more than one thing at a time.    Unfortunately, this kind of programming does not bring a life that is stress free, as it seems to ask us to juggle many balls in the air at once.  Should we become too stressed, we get angry, and anger is the emotion that starts ‘wars’.  A wise man said:

“Peace is not just the absence of war; it is the presence of love”

Perhaps now is the time to put some personal space into each day in order to be still and harmoniously be in touch with all of our five senses, sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.   It is certainly time to pause and listen rather than rush into action without thought.

(the vibrations that affect us from the atmosphere)

The last month has seen opposing sides to many situations confronting each other in anger and with judgemental attitudes, with each side being reluctant to accept the other side may have a valid point.   These situations can be with just two people, between two groups, within a country where civil war could take place, or between countries.

What a lot of us have not previously realised, is that strong emotions give off vibrations which go up into the atmosphere.   Earth moves at one speed but the atmosphere moves at different speeds.  We only have to look at the weather map to see how this is so.   The wind, rain and other aspects of the weather move at different speeds.   So it is with the vibrations of emotions and thoughts which human beings and other living things have.  

When you feel sad but do not feel you have any right to be sad, have you thought it could be you are picking up other people’s thoughts or emotions that are above you?  They are there in the same way as a cloud is there before it drops its moisture as rain.

A lot of the situations which have been confronting us all, have both a positive and a negative aspect to it, in the same way that the opposing opinions have opposite points of view.    The positive is that the vibrations force to look at the situation and if we can do so honestly, we can find a solution that is harmonious.  We can do that after checking whether we are picking something up from the atmosphere or are partially responsible for the situation occurring.   The negative is that we see the situation but go into denial, staying with our pre-conceived ideas and refusing to change.

Whatever pointers the energies of our globe and its atmosphere show us, ~everyone has free choice and what you decide to choose will be exactly right for us.


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