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We are human living in a real world, with real people and real situations. Some of those situations can be challenging and after all “we are only human”. True but a human being has more potential than is normally recognized or accounted for.

Facing situations that involve change can face us with the challenge of going through hard times at some point. Getting through hard time makes us stronger because we have had to make decisions and inevitably learnt from the choices we made.

Even if life is not easy the following is something to think about and perhaps put into practice. It may take you out of your comfort zone but in every case it is worth the effort for the rewards.

  • Make saying sorry easy to do but only when it is the correct thing or time to say it.
  • Try not to just think how grateful you are for a person in your live but tell them you love them – before it is too late.
  • Avoid being proud and ask for help. Asking for help not only helps you but gives the person you asked, a sense of being needed.

In a way I am doing the last points now. I will not be in the office with all my papers until mid-November. I have asked for help to clear this miniature mountain, and I have certainly told people how grateful I am. As for saying sorry.......!!!...... that can be taken TOO far when you walk into a lamp post and apologise to the lamp post!

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I am honoured to be the founder of the International School of Awareness but just like the beehive the School could not possibly exist without those using their seventh sense and who believe peace on earth is possible in our life time. In March five further people took the teacher’s certificate. I am delighted to learn of how they will use this additional information and will keep you updated on the progress of all registered teachers, over the coming months.

Check the 2016/17 Calendar of Activities and if you are unsure what one of those activities means go to the Course Explanation page. See what ISoA has published and sells on the Products page ISoA Registered teachers can be trusted and their activities are recommended by the School.


So often we are asked to balance something – including ourselves! 
When someone recently asked me what is meant by balance, all kinds of varying answers popped up.  All of them were accurate but seemingly unrelated.  Together they did not give a simple and conclusive answer.   Then I realised that the simplest way to understand balance is to know all aspects of something and yet be unaffected by them.    Much simpler to say than to do!

We have to experience pain to appreciate being pain free, whether that pain is emotional, physical, mental, economic or in some other form.  If it has brought stress, then the opposite needs to happen for there to be a stress free balance.   The challenges of life give us the opportunity to strengthen our inner core of being true to ourselves.   Therefore to find balance (which is a part of being at peace with ourselves and our environment), we need to look honestly at who we really are. 

I believe balance is:

  • the ability to understanding all aspects of a situation;
  • to be able to stand back and assess a situation without judgement having first observed
  • the need to act appropriately using whatever skills we have that can help restore equilibrium.

In my book the “Ways of the Cosmos” there is a whole section on ‘the Seven Temptations’.

The essence of not being tempted is to be in the centre of both sides of the temptation, which is another way of feeling safe and being balanced.  To give an example: when you are being truthful with your statements instead of being modest, the energy vibrations coming from the statement are in balance. There is no additional positive energy, nor is there any additional negative energy.   It is a simple truth.

The easiest way to explain it would be to imagine a fierce storm such as a hurricane or tornado.

a)  As it approaches, the wind becomes stronger. 
b) Then there is peace and calm. 
c) Finally the strength of the wind is there again but decreasing in strength.  
(a) is the negative force of destruction,
(b) is balance where neither the approach nor the departure of the wind affects anything and
(c) is the positive creative energy working out how to benefit from the clearing generated by the wind


Trust and change seem to be two of the key words of the moment.  Change is natural.  Lack of change is unnatural!  Fear of change is the one over-riding thing that can upset our balance and slow down our natural progress of evolution.
There is definitely a wave of energy that is working through our planet during the remainder of this year 2016.  The changes involve everything including planet Earth herself.   There are cycles within the Universe that cover different lengths of time from the minute fractions of a second where 60 seconds make 1 minute; 60 minutes make the hour; 24 minutes make the day until we reach the huge great cycles covering thousands of years but which continue to repeat themselves in the fullness of time.

One of those huge cycles is taking place right now.

Our planet is a living being and is following the natural cosmic procession of evolution. 

Obviously energies coming FROM Earth are linking to this big picture of natural change and linking to a picture so large we cannot see it in our human form.  However those energies coming from Earth are also linking to our soul, activating memories and reminding us of the commitments we have previously made to help bring peace to Earth.  

I believe it is important to accept that this cycle is real and is with us now, for it brings with it harmony, peace and a stress free existence.   The only thing that can stop this from happening is if the individual lacks trust and goes into denial.   Sadly, to deny this is reality is rather like saying we do not need to breathe. 

Embrace the changes in the way that is best for you because these cycles fall into place and affect everything in, on, and around planet Earth, all the time – from the micro second to the macro Universal years and beyond.


Familiarise yourself with what is happening by checking what has been included in the Extended 2016/17 Calendar.

We understand the titles of events, workshops and courses, often do not give a clear picture of what you actually happening. Do look at the Course Explanation page to find out what to expect when you attend.

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