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welcome to the International School of Awareness

Can you trust yourself to go outside your comfort zone?   Try one of these fun ideas and see the amazingly wonderful reaction you get, either in yourself, or from another.

  1. Stand over a growing flower.  Be very still and focus for at least 90 econds allowing your eyes to be drawn into a smaller and smaller part of the flower’s centre
  2. Smile at someone who you do not know in the street – the smile will continue when they smile back at you
  3. Hug a tree or stroke an animal
  4. Sing out loud to the birds (ideally in public)
  5. Do one thing for yourself that would normally make you feel guilty – but do it.

Actively doing the above and not just reading them as “a good idea” helps you to feel strong and connected to the universe rather than just the routine of daily living.   The main aim of the International School of Awareness is to remove fear and bring about world peace. 

I hope you can remember it!

More Information

I am honoured to be the founder of the International School of Awareness but just like the beehive the School could not possibly exist without those using their seventh sense and who believe peace on earth is possible in our life time. In March five further people took the teacher’s certificate. I am delighted to learn of how they will use this additional information and will keep you updated on the progress of all registered teachers, over the coming months.

Check the 2016/17 Calendar of Activities and if you are unsure what one of those activities means go to the Course Explanation page. See what ISoA has published and sells on the Products page ISoA Registered teachers can be trusted and their activities are recommended by the School.


We have a soul.  We have a brain that is in two parts – one of logic and one of creative exploration through time and space.  

As no two individuals have had the same experiences whilst living in their life this time, it means they are different only because of those experiences.     In the very centre of each living thing there is a place so small it is almost nothing, and yet it contains all truth, all knowledge, of all Creation past, present, and future.   It is our gut reaction, our ‘Divine Spark’, the seventh sense,  or whatever name you wish to give it.   

As we evolve we look outside ourselves for answers until we find we can access our own ‘I Am’ power – the truth within all of us.  It is the same truth, or common thread, that makes equal.  The only difference is the fact that some practice using their seventh sense, more than others.

‘TRUST’ is the word for this month.  Trust your Seventh Sense and know when an answer comes from a ‘deep gut reaction’ it is coming from your Truth centre.   Follow it and you will find amazing benefits.   Ignore it and you may find you are facing challenges that you feel you would be beter without.   However, do remember that at all times you have the over-riding energies of the first Cosmic Law of Free  Choice, guiding your choices.  No matter how much pressure is coming from the outside, YOU are the only person who is in control of your situation for YOU are the last and only person to know your thoughts, your dreams, and can feel the vibrations/energies from your soul.

"Don't trust your heart, or your logical brain; trust only your soul." 


Without the combined energy of the four elements there could be no life as we know it on Earth.  This makes them part of the Global Energy which is constantly there.  Awareness comes from understanding which ultimately brings balance and peace to our lives.   The four elements when in harmony (or even if not in harmony sometimes), results in the vital core energy of Prana.  For those interested in their birth sign, you will have realised that your birth sign will relate more strongly to one of these four elements.   

With the development of the new energies taking place on Earth, how to use the energy from the element of fire is important as it helps us gain overall control of self and one’s life.  The cold violet flame removes negativity, replacing it with purity.
Connecting with Earth through your hands, feet, or base of spine, it is possible to become free from unnecessary density.  Simply allow the energy of gravity to release the density of unwanted atoms and manifest the required atoms via magnetism, through universal loving thoughts.

Within the energy of air surrounding any living thing it is possible to create a protective filter. Such a protective filter (often in the form of colour vibrations) can totally remove fear.  Breathing out fear, allows air to breath in the necessary needs for life so balance can be maintained.  

The energy of water cleanses and frees particles both inside and outside a living being.  Water can be dense and static [as in ice] in the same way people can.  Or it can flow with the constant change taking place around the globe allowing people to move and flow also.  Alternatively water can change into steam which would be the equivalent of people strongly expressing emotions.

The balance of the four elements ensures there is no fear only absolute love and purity.  A deep concentration of these energies brings about action and re-action

 Should you wish to know more or develop any one (or all) of these facets, look for workshops being run by Pauline Turner or any of the registered teachers teaching the various ISoA modules.


Familiarise yourself with what is happening by checking what has been included in the Extended 2016/17 Calendar.

We understand the titles of events, workshops and courses, often do not give a clear picture of what you actually happening. Do look at the Course Explanation page to find out what to expect when you attend.

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