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2018 has come in with a positive energy push.    In fact 2018, 2019 and 2020 are years of manifestation.  This is wonderful news.  However, like all good things it comes with a warning.   All manifestation starts with a thought, so how we think during this period is extremely important .

With this powerful materialising energy in the air around us, all our thoughts will rise into the atmosphere and link to the universal energy already there.   That is the positive AND the negative thoughts.   It is important therefore, that we are not just thinking about the very short-term which can be rather like a soap bubble (beautiful but soon bursts), but about being who we need to be.

WANTING is the short-term bubble of soap, unless it is part of a need in our life; whilst NEEDING is what our gut reaction or seventh sense is pushing us to manifest.   4 simple actions can ensure you manifest what is best for you rather than continuing with negative conditioned behaviour patterns.

  1. Live in the present – not the past or the future. 
  2. Breathe in regularly what is beneficial and breathe out what is adverse.
  3. Check with your knowing that your actions are YOUR actions and not just a response to requests made by others.
  4. Remember your life is YOUR life and you have the right to be who you really are, and not what others say or want you to be.

Obviously it is important at times to look at the past to find what worked so that you can keep the best of the old ways whilst still exploring the new your future.
Any time your middle (gut reactions or seventh sense) starts to shrink in on itself, it is asking you to look hard at what you are about to action.


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Founded by Pauline Turner, ISoA could not possibly exist without the support of an enormous number of people who use their seventh sense, rather like a beehive cannot continue to work without the bees. What is the Seventh Sense? ISoA names the gut reaction (that ‘knowing’ which is a certainty that cannot be explained).

Thoughts for the next five weeks

As I stated last time “Sometimes we do not want to read long messages of thought provoking ideas where we just read and say “That’s good” or “I know that” and then do nothing about it”.  Once again I am including just a short paragraph for you to consider and act on when and if it feels right for you to do so.   I am basing these on my signature line of “Love, light and laughter”

  1. LOVE, but it needs to be universal love and not the over-caring ‘sugar-coated candy’ type of love.  Sometimes a reprimand can help more than “Oh dear, - let me do it for you.”  How often have we heard “We learn by our mistakes?”   Ideally when we, or someone else tries, there will not be any mistakes but when an error occurs, so does learning.

    We need energy to do what we are supposed to do and if we do things for others who are capable of learning how to do it for themselves, we are losing our own energy, as well as wasting time when we could be doing other things for the world, or for those really in need.

  2. LIGHT and what I mean by that is the light of understanding.   Awareness is the moment when you become conscious of an aspect of some subject item that had previously been hidden from your consciousness.   It often comes with “But I know that!”  

    Being able to logical understand and describe a realisation; knowing without all shadow of doubt that same realisation is a truth; is not quite the same as believing it.  Believing comes with a 100% feeling that both human logic and spiritual knowing are combined in a sacred truth.   THAT is when a light bulb comes on in the whole of your body and its energy fields.

  3. LAUGHTER  is so important.  Recently someone stated on Facebook that they were trying every day to laugh with a ‘belly-laugh’ at one thing.   THAT sums up what laughter is about.   It is not the polite laughter that we share when someone is telling a joke, or talking about an amusing incident that does not really feel so amusing.   It is not the laughter that some people use to ridicule another.  It is the unexpected event that we can observe when we are feeling at peace with our self and feel ‘alright within the world’.

Love, light and laughter – to have a little of all three of these each day is a way of obtaining inner peace.  Inner peace, like thoughts, radiates into the atmosphere around us, and thus, helps to manifest more peace in the world.

Unseen Universal Energy Vibrations

2018 year begins a period of MANIFESTATION, leaving the controlling influence of PARADOX behind.   Whenever there is a major shift in energies, human beings can feel in a state of limbo, or feel disorientated.   In certain instances, it can be a clearing which shows itself in feeling under the weather health-wise.  One of my morning energy 'zapping' exercises is to focus on a candle and send bio-chemical balancing (polarising) energy to those who ask and want it.   Anyone can do the same if asked.   Your reward is noticing the balancing energy you send, has helped. 

Today scientists are writing much more about the vibratory changes deep inside the Earth and it is from the changes that are happening in the core of our Planet, that we may be feeling a little 'shaky'. 

Most areas of earth are experiencing a strong energy or power shift, which can be felt to a large degree, where there are recorded older, powerful ley lines.  In addition where the ley lines cross, you can feel power points from earth where the energy goes up through the Universe.   Originally churches were chosen to be built on these points, but with the movement of the Earth’s plates, there is also a shift in the places  where the strongest power points now cross.  

Some people (and you may be one) have felt a power surge or power surges that have come through your feet to your solar plexus.   You may not feel it travel so far but the vibration will inevitably be a prompt to your soul memories housed in your solar plexus.  You only have to listen to the radio or to the words spoken on television, to realise there is an increase in people talking about their ‘gut reaction’.  For me it is a proof that the memory in the soul of individuals is being awakened.  

All energy shifts have a knock-on effect.  Equally all thoughts and actions from such thought has a knock-on effect.


Familiarise yourself with what is happening by checking out the contents of the Extended 2018 Calendar.

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