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Although the International School of Awareness did not officially start until December 1999, the unique courses, methods and a variety of tools were introduced by Pauline Turner from 1982 onwards.

The Aim of the School is to introduce ways of enabling people to find a better quality of life, mainly by safely disposing of fear. How you can achieves that is through:

  • Harnessing Universal Energy to bring harmony to the environment
  • Offering ways of enhancing the use of your physical senses
  • Organising incomparable alignment courses
  • Monthly sharing groups discuss the present vibrations in the environment
  • Learning how to live in the moment to leave the past and improve the future
  • Accessing the individual’s own power of inner truth
  • Safely removing adverse memories inherited through the biological parents parents (see inherited memories)
Rose Quartz

The vibrations of pink light represented by rose quartz, is the embodiment of human caring, helping shocked souls to come alive again.


Let us take our soul into the silence beyond sound to create harmony, peace, and positive action.


There is no end to a spiral, however, the central point is finite. It represents zero for the start of 2021.


The International School of Awareness believes everyone has the right to be “happy, healthy and without stress” at all times.

ISoA has pledged to make available various ways to access the seventh sense through the light of understanding, universal peaceful love, and harmonic gentle laughter.

Check the 2021 Calendar of Activities and sense what appeals to you, going on the Course Explanation page for further information. If you prefer to learn by reading, go to the Products page to check if what you need is there.

ISoA was founded by Pauline Turner who acknowledges it could not possibly exist without the support of an enormous number of people working with their seventh sense, in the same way a beehive cannot continue without its worker bees. What is the Seventh Sense? It is similar in many ways to the gut reaction. It is that unexplained KNOWING, which is a certainty but cannot be logically explained.

The Inimitable Alignment Process.

The beauty of this unusual method of aligning all 7 bands of energy that makes a human being whole, is unique for no one person can take credit for the result. It does not trespass into another’s space., nor does it make demands. Participants are asked to make sure what is occurring feels right for them in their very core. This core is the seventh sense, the gut reaction, the spirit of the soul, or whatever you wish to name that oneness which is absolute tranquillity through the truth within.

The process involves 4 people, thus avoiding emotional blackmail with such comments as “you owe me – I did this for you”, because the same people are involved in returning the favour. Looked at from the outside the process can seem extraordinary. It seems unlikely there can be positive results. Therefore rather than try to explain it, I think it best to let others tell you their experience.

Jannike Andersson, Malmö : ”After the energy alignment course my timing is fantastic. Things, good or bad, happens when they are supposed to. I can see that in retrospect and it gives me faith in the future.”

Fredrik Holm, Lancaster : “Before doing the alignments I was a person who took on everybody else's emotions which completely drained my energy. After the Energy Alignment I found myself beautifully protected to the point that I could walk down a busy street and still be able to stay in my own space.”

Anna Andergrahn, Kristinehamn (condensed version) : “Pauline Turner is not just another 'spiritual teacher’ she cuts through all kinds of ‘bullshit’, to get to the core. She helped make sense of all the pieces I subconsciously sensed, but had not been able to logically fit them together.

The alignment courses are truly life changing - and not even close to anything else I have experienced through my searching over the years with courses, teachers, books etc. They were what finally rooted me to the core of my being. I no longer search, for I have found what I had not even realized I was searching for. At the conclusion of the four days, I felt SO empowered. I was able to go back to work after a burnout. I have not been exhausted in the same way again. Going through the alignment courses is the most important life decision that I have ever made.

Complete testimonial is included in the course page along with other people’s experiences.

Clearing Inherited Memories

Which memories?

During the gap between lockdowns, I was able to do an inherited memory clearing to a pregnant lady. This has been done in the past and on each occasion there has been a beautiful birthing and the child has shown a connection to its own seventh sense developing a wisdom beyond what would normally be expected. This is because the new born did not have any of the inherited memories that had affected the mother.

This little one was born face up with eyes open and a big smile. The mother came for the second parental inherited memory clearing and commented on how much calmer she and the house felt after the first parental inherited memory clearing with her husband commenting on the change.

I have had permission to share the picture of their new son when he was just a few days old, lying beside his two siblings!



Familiarise yourself with what is happening by checking out the contents of the 2021 Events Calendar.

We understand the titles of events, workshops and courses, often do not give a clear picture of what you actually happening. Do look at the Course Explanation page to find out what to expect when you attend.

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