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Although the International School of Awareness did not officially start until December 1999, the unique courses, methods and a variety of tools were introduced by Pauline Turner from 1982 onwards.

The Aim of the School is to introduce ways of enabling people to find a better quality of life. How it achieves that is through:

  • Harnessing Universal Energy to bring harmony to the environment
  • Offering short courses to enhance the use of the physical senses
  • Organising incomparable alignment courses
  • Monthly sharing groups meet to discuss the present vibrations in the environment
  • Learning how to live in the moment to leave the past and improve the future
  • Accessing the individual’s power of inner truth
  • Safely removing adverse memories inherited through the biological parents


The International School of Awareness is committed to assisting people to gain a better quality of life.

Check the 2018 Calendar of Activities to feel which of those activities seems right for you. Then go to the Course Explanation page, for further information.

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Founded by Pauline Turner, ISoA could not possibly exist without the support of an enormous number of people who use their seventh sense, rather like a beehive cannot continue to work without the bees. What is the Seventh Sense? ISoA names the gut reaction (that ‘knowing’ which is a certainty that cannot be explained).


Only your own knowing, your gut reaction will give you the truthful direction and answers to any challenge you may face or have to get involved with. These challenges can come from people you know and trust, unexpected disappointments, sickness, and an unplanned change of life style.

For instance, having lived alone and found a life-style that suits you, you may be faced with having to share your residence with another.   Usually when that happens, however uncomfortable it feels to have someone in your home with you, it could be because both yourself and the person you are now sharing your space with is doing exactly what needs to happen so that the experience expands your understanding of the self and each other. This understanding brings a stronger connection to the higher self and the future of world peace.

Another occasion might be when someone chooses to walk out of your life, someone you would rather have stayed in contact with.   This could be because you were over-caring and perhaps inadvertently trespassed in their space. In that instance keep the door open and apologise for being over concerned and let them know you are willing to meet again when THEY are ready.

When it comes to relationships of any sort, we have to learn to trust our inner knowing rather than just the brain or the heart.   It is important to avoid believing anyone but yourself because that brings about over-caring for others and drains away energy that could be channelled elsewhere.

As a person grows in self-awareness and trusts their inner knowing, they become stronger. Then you will find it is YOU who may be tested.   Some of our dearest friends do not understand us when we become less dependent on them.   That is the time we need to check to see if our friend is a good friend who is just happy to share with you or if your friend prefers to have a little bit of control over you because it makes them feel good.  This can often be worked out quickly and easily as the friend may be feeling a little insecure and react in an unsuitable way, accidentally.

The most important point is to act quickly, compassionately and remembering when you have to compromise, to do so harmoniously. That means that both parties share any changes needed physically, mentally and emotionally.

Universal Energy Vibrations

How often do we hear people say “Just breathe”? 
What you are doing is breathing in universal  energy along with the oxygen in the air. To get the maximum use of this energy follow the much tried and tested breathing exercise here which is the best method I know and which always works

  1. Breathe in what is good and beneficial for you and breathe out what is no longer useful or adverse for you.   Focus on the words so that your brain thinks only of these words.
  2. Again breathe in what is good and beneficial for you and breathe out what is no longer useful or is adverse to you.   This time focus on the vibration of the words for these vibrations bring a balance of energy down to the centre of your chest taking away any tension or anxiety.  The result of this is a feeling of becoming much calmer.
  3. Breathe in deeply what is good and beneficial for you and breathe out what is no longer useful or is adverse to you, again.   This time as you focus on the words remember the most beautiful and peaceful moment you can and feel that incredible purity of peace flowing down into your middle, your soul. As you breathe out what is adverse to you feel all that ‘ugh’ sensation going out down your legs, through the crust of earth to the centre of earth where there is a fire. Earth is your real mother without whom you cannot be nurtured and she does not want you to be anything but happy, healthy and free from stress. As a mother therefore, she will burn up the negative and adverse energies for you.

Once you have processed these three steps you will feel your personal fragmented energy becoming whole.  A whole aura will be egg-shaped and as with all eggs there is a shell.  The universal energy produces a shell which acts as a filter keeping out the energies that are not good for you but allowing the energies that are good for you to come through.   If you feel that breaking up again,  you simply take three deep breaths again.


Familiarise yourself with what is happening by checking out the contents of the Extended 2018 Calendar.

We understand the titles of events, workshops and courses, often do not give a clear picture of what you actually happening. Do look at the Course Explanation page to find out what to expect when you attend.

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