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Helping Yourself to Health.

Helping Yourself

The International School of Awareness appreciates all the overworked medical staff from surgeons/doctors to porters/cleaners and would always recommend a person seeks professional advice from them. However, with the present state of understaffing and shortage of space for treatments, we need to look at an alternative way of being healthy.

Since it was first printed in 1992 and later revised in 2006 and 2012, the effectiveness of this little-known book, as a self-help alternative, has been proved to be of value for hundreds of people. One of the advantages of ‘Helping Yourself to Health’ is it appeals to both those who are logically driven, and those who work best with intuition. It is a superb way to learn how to balance and harmonise yourself and your environment. The only pre-requisite is an open mind.

A person may ‘know’ something about their body and their life-style but that if their intuition leaves them doubtful, they usually require confirmation using their five physical senses, to be sure their intuition is accurate. Similarly, those with a logical approach to life who are aware there is some kind of meta-physical energy beyond the five physical senses, find the precision of the Universal Energy Charts contained in the book, an excellent way to prove the useful existence of those energies.

The Universal Energy Charts were devised by Michael Mann with the text provided by Pauline Turner. On a blank universal energy chart, detailed appropriate links to what the chart is meant to be used for to balance what is out of balance. This can be for the environment that is affecting a person’s health or for biological balancing or for improving a person’s health.

Light is everything

Light is in everything and shines on everything”

Lifts our spirits

Laughter in the right way lifts our spirits.

Natural Love

Natural love has no enemies

Universal Love, The light of understanding genuine peaceful joy.


The International School of Awareness believes everyone has the right to be “happy, healthy and without stress” at all times.

ISoA has pledged to make available various ways to access the seventh sense through the light of understanding, universal peaceful love, and harmonic gentle laughter.

Check the 2023 Calendar of Activities and sense what appeals to you, going on the Course Explanation page for further information. If you prefer to learn by reading, go to the Products page to check if what you need is there.

ISoA was founded by Pauline Turner who acknowledges it could not possibly exist without the support of an enormous number of people working with their seventh sense, in the same way a beehive cannot continue without its worker bees. What is the Seventh Sense? It is similar in many ways to the gut reaction. It is that unexplained KNOWING, which is a certainty but cannot be logically explained.

Clearing Inherited Memories

Which memories?

This is not a DNA therapy but a clearing of adverse inherited memories from your biological parents bloodline

DNA in the scientific sense is different from the inherited memories from both biological parents that were bonded into the first cell created when the sperm and egg from the biological parents fused to form the start of a foetus. There are alternative methods used by various therapists linked to DNA and its impact on a human being. Clearing the adverse inherited memories whilst retaining the beneficial is not the same as working with the DNA.

Pauline Turner realised that once there is an awareness of where, when, and what started, the main inherited adverse characteristics long ago in the distant past, it became much easier to break the recurring hold of adverse pattern behaviour. Clearing these inherited memories from the genes of both birth parents has an instantaneous positive effect on the quality of life of that person.

Book a face-to-face session with Pauline for this one-time process. Once the inherited bloodline of one biological parent has been explored during the session, it does not need to ever be repeated. The other biological parent can be processed on a future occasion, if required.

After the process is completed for one parent, Pauline gives advice on how to use the positive biologically inherited gifts and ways to avoid falling back into the old pattern behaviour.

The future is clear

Understanding the aim of International School of Awareness.

The main aim of ISoA is: to remove fear from people. Without fear we have no victims, no power seekers and no emotional blackmailers.

More and more people are referring to trusting their “gut“! However, what is this ‘gut’ reaction? In essence, it is when something feels right deep in your middle, even if the logical brain is trying to inform you that it is nonsense. Anyone who has such a feeling and spoken to Pauline Turner asking what they should do would get the reply “Just cut off your head”

Pauline along the International School of Awareness (ISoA) believe that the seventh sense, the Divine spark in the centre of your soul, and your ‘gut reaction’ are all the same thing. They are coming from the deepest place in you that can only be 100% truth. It is when the brain with its thoughts and beliefs interfere that confusion can be the outcome.

The International School of Awareness aims to show those who ask, how to:

  • access their own ‘I AM’ power – the seventh sense (your gut reaction)
  • learn how to live in the moment, leaving any bad memories in the past. This then automatically improves what you experience the present moment, adding to a better quality of life in your future
  • find ways of increasing the use of your five physical senses, (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch). Should one of those senses be missing, then discover ways of increasing the power of the other physical senses.
  • harness universal energy to bring harmony to the global environment
  • Learn how to use the universal energy charts by attending a workshop or taking the Environmental Harmony course.
  • Ask where or how you could take part in a monthly sharing group to discuss the current vibrations present in the environment and atmosphere, that are affecting you during the period you are living in now
  • attend an incomparable alignment course
  • safely removing adverse memories, inherited from your biological parents

All these ways help those who want it to live in a stressfree environment, have a healthy body and mental approach to life, so reducing stress.


Familiarise yourself with what is happening by checking out the contents of the Events Calendar.

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