Inherited Memories

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Clearing Inherited Memories

Which memories?

When the sperm and the egg of your biological parents fuse to form the cell reproduction that will eventually produce your human body, this first cell combines the memories contained in the cell of your father through his sperm and your mother through her egg. Every new cell that is created continues to encompass the memories of your biological parents.

After 3-5 months when your soul enters the human frame you become a whole human being, Prior to your soul entering the foetus the memories of your biological parents are what you respond to.

Once born your emotions and thoughts may object to the behaviour of your parents/carers but your ability to explain what or why you do not agree, is impossible as you have no communication skills other than to cry or thrash about. In the end you become conditioned to being untruthful in order for your young life to be easier.This means you are forming conditioned behaviour patterns for yourself.

At some point you realise you can be in control of your own life and not automatically respond to the programming you have undergone during your early years.

The next step is to connect with your soul and your soul's past so any karma you may have brought with you is cleared. Unfortunately, even with no karma, repeat behaviour patterns continue through the memories in your cells, which can often reduce your self-confidence and belief in your abilities.

Clearing the ADVERSE memories

When you reach this point, it frequently brings about frustration. You find you are questioning yourself without realising that the ADVERSE inherited memories from your biological parents need to be cleared but only the adverse ones as it is essential to keep all the beneficial ones. Clearing just your DNA is helpful but is only provisional as it links to the reactions you have experienced in this lifetime. For it to be permanently disposed of, it is important to find the source of the memory that has been persistently causing concern or blocking your way forward. Memories that you can observe have had a repeat pattern with one or other of your inherited characteristics from your bloodline.

To go back to source cannot be done with the head sadly, nor can it be achieved just because it feels a good thing to do, it must be FOR THE RIGHT REASON. EXECUTED ACCORDING TO THE COSMIC LAWS AND BE AT THE RIGHT TIME.


Jannike Andersson, Malmö
”After the energy alignment course my timing is fantastic. Things, good or bad, happens when they are supposed to. I can see that in retrospect and it gives me faith in the future.”

Fredrik Holm, Lancaster
“Before doing the alignments I was a person who took on everybody else's emotions which completely drained my energy. After the Energy Alignment I found myself beautifully protected to the point that I could walk down a busy street and still be able to stay in my own space.”

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