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Helping Your Self to Health

(Revised and enlarged 2012) ISBN 987-1-847080-71-2

Those who have a logical approach to life, and yet know or sense there are energies outside the density of the three dimensional world, will find the precision of the Universal Energy Charts, an excellent way to prove the usefulness of those energies.The blank UEC was devised by Michael Mann with the text written by Pauline Turner. This book is a superb way to learn how to balance and harmonise yourself and your environment. It is a valuable ‘follow-on’ from the material in the Dowsing Kit. Should you enjoy this method of working, the 'Self-Awareness' and 'Environmental Harmony’ courses would be for you.

Price £24.95

The Body Speaks

ISBN 987-1-874080-47-3.
This is an invaluable reference book for anyone trying to understand why a physical, mental or emotional problem keeps affecting them even though they feel they have ‘dealt’ with the problem in many different ways. The A-Z section lists the most common complaints a person takes to their physician. Pauline Turner gives insights into the deeper reasons why a soul may be experiencing such problems, and what they can do to finally stop the energy from interfering with their life. Each listed disease/discomfort also includes on how to assist others, and a case study.

Price £21.50

7 Spectrums of Colour

ISBN 978-1-874080-31-2.
For anyone working with energy vibrations this is probably one of the most useful books to have in your collection. The energies you work with can be biochemical balancing, protection, immunity against incoming vibrations from the environment or people. The 100+ pages give uniquely detailed information about the powerful vibrations of each of the colour energies, and how they can be used in many different ways to assist with biochemical balancing, cleansing, protection, filters, and creating a harmonious experience for any situation you are dealing with. An absolute must for a better quality of life.

Price £15.00

Sju Färgspektrum

ISBN 987-1-874080-67-1
An abbreviated version in Swedish giving the key meanings for each of the colour energies in‘7 Spectrums of Colour’. As with the main book, this version details the colour energies of the seven Bodies, and each of the seven Levels of each Body, with the seven colours in each spectrum assisting balance within each of these Levels.

Price £5.50

Why Do You Think You Are?

ISBN 978-1-874080-52-7
An easy to read ‘dip-into’ book with 26 2-3 page insights of frequently experienced thoughts and life’s challenges. Rated 4 stars and recommended as a ‘to buy’ book by Sue Magee, official book reviewer for Amazon’s Bookbag. “A thought-provoking look at what seem like obvious questions, but which can help you towards a more peaceful and satisfying life”

Price £6.95

Reaching from Darkness into Light

ISBN 978-1-874080-58-9
The combined books ‘From the Edge of Darkness into Light’ and ‘The Reaching Hand’ give the full step-by-step picture of the possible journey an aware being may make from awakening, to self-realisation. This version includes an additional introduction and up-to-date changes. Note: the original books are still available for purchase for at a discounted price for those who only feel drawn to knowing one part of the journey at a time.

Price £9.25

Ways of the Cosmos

ISBN 987-1-874080-71-8
The seven Guiding Principles of the Cosmos are explained. These are the unchangeable laws of life which influence the actions and outcomes of every living thing on Earth. They are written in the order in which people become consciously aware of them. The book contains two other sections – one on understanding the ‘Seven Temptations' and how to be at zero on the plus and minus scale which is the place of peace; and a section on the ‘12 Principles for Living' – a modern look at the principles to be found in all religions worldwide.

Price £9.25

Think Right

ISBN 987-1-874080-63-3
As everything begins with a thought, this handy guide is a wonderful help in showing you how to create your own reality. It is the beginning of having the best in life. Someone informed me “This is what ‘The Secret’ says but it is easier to follow.”

Price £3.50

Tänk på rätt sätt - Swedish translation, ISBN 987-1-874080-64-0

No More Stress

ISBN 987-1-874080-03-9
So often it is a challenge to ignore outside pressures and from being influenced by your environment. This helpful guide suggests ways to be unaffected by external energies and emotional blackmail.

Price £3.50

Fri från stress - Swedish translation, ISBN 987-1-874080-04-6


ISBN 987-1-874080-11-4
With the increase of radio active waves due to technological equipment and man’s involvement with nuclear power, people are afraid of the effects of radiation. This small booklet contains understanding that allows one to remove fear and therefore increase health.

Price £3.00

Colour for Crafters

ISBN 987-1-874080-62-6
This publication contains all the key meanings for each of the colour energies within‘7 Spectrums of Colour’, but with the text specifically adapted for those using colour whilst being involved with their craft (either as a hobby or for commerce). This version helps you to understand why people are drawn to specific colours, and what their choice may need you as the designer to take into account, if you want to succeed in your creation.

Price £9.95


ISBN 987-1-874080-98-5
This excellent starter kit for learning to dowse using the Universal Energy Charts has been adopted by many people who value having another way to check out, or back up, a logical decision or an intuitive hunch. Dowsing can help you to understand yourself in more detail. The kit contains step-by-step instructions on how to dowse, a blank chart to practise on, and three other energy balancing charts for balancing the body and its energy, the mind and the emotions, and the spirit’s next priority of need. A lovely crystal pendulum is also included to enable you to start immediately.

Price £12.50

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